Sansevieria Cylindrica


My Power: 

It is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this plant is one of the best for filtering out formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues and personal care products. Put one in your bathroom — it’ll thrive with low light and steamy humid conditions while helping filter out air pollutants. African spear plant, the Sansevieria cylindrica offers all the ease and durability of the popular snake plant and the appeal of lucky bamboo.

The size of the potted plants:
Height: 18cm to 25cm



How to take care of Me:


Although they are very forgiving, the sansevieria prefers bright light with some sun. They can adapt to full sun.


Let the soil dry between waterings. Do not over watering.


They prefer warmth and will suffer if exposed to temperatures below 50 F.


Feed during the growing season with a weekly dose of weak liquid fertilizer or with controlled-release fertilizer.

Additional information

Pots Colour

Black, White


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