Asparagus Fern (Foxtail Fern)


My Power: 

  • Reducing carbon dioxide levels.
  • Increasing humidity.
  • Reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide.
  • Reducing airborne dust levels.
  • Keeping air temperatures down

The size of the potted plants:
Height: 28cm to 35cm

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How to take care of Me:

Light and Temperature

The asparagus fern thrives in dappled shade, although it can be acclimated to more light.
Avoid direct, bright sunlight and try to maintain a warm temperature


Asparagus ferns should be planted in loose, well-draining potting soil.


Keeping an asparagus fern hydrated takes a little effort. This plant thrives on humidity. Mist the plant daily, focusing on the arching stems. If the plant appears to be turning brown and droopy, it likely needs more water. While the asparagus fern can dry out to the point of
appearing dead, it likely isn't. Warmer, humid air and daily misting will help revive it.


Once in a month.

Additional information

Pots Colour

Black, White


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