Alocasia Amazonica (Elephant’s Ear/ African Mask Plant)


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This really is one of the most spectacular houseplants in the world. With bright white veins protruding from a dark background the arrow shaped leaves can reach over a foot in length! Will also flower throughout the year with strange yellow coloured spathes sometimes followed by red berries. Perfect for a bright bathroom. Not the easiest of plants but a must for the plant fanatic.

The size of the potted plants:
Height: 30cm to 35cm

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How to take care of Me:


An Alocasia plant requires very bright indirect light but no direct sun.


Allow the top 2″- 3″ of soil to dry out before watering, and try to keep the soil evenly moist. Over-watering, wet leaves, and soggy soil makes an Alocasia plant susceptible to a variety of serious fungal infections. Check the soil frequently until you are sure of the plant’s watering needs.


Fertilize an Alocasia every three of four weeks


Alocasia plants prefer warm temperatures between 60°-80.° During warm months, an Alocasia can produce a new leaf every week and each new leaf may be twice the size of the previous leaf.


Alocasia plants grow best in high humidity. To increase the humidity around a house plant, place the plant on a tray filled with pebbles and water. Be sure the plant is sitting on the pebbles and not in the water. You can also increase the humidity by placing a small humidifier near the plant or grouping plants together. Do not mist the plant; misting encourages plant diseases.

Remarks: This is one of the many poisonous houseplants you may have in your home, so keep away from children and pets that may eat or bite at the plant.

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