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Growing air plants in your home can bring many benefits, including: Indoor plants like air plants allow you to fight off that cold quicker thanks to their ability to reduce dust and increased humidity levels. Plants can reduce stress to make you feel happier, they help you feel calmer and more optimistic.

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Hight: 8cm to 12cm

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All living things need light, including air plants. That means it’s important that they’ll be close to an adequate light source. Too much direct sun should be avoided as it can be harmful. Air plants especially thrive on kitchen or bathroom window sills that get indirect light – they love the steam from a shower.


As all air plants come from tropical climates where they’d never be exposed to freezing temperatures, it’s important to keep them at a comfortable room temperature – generally about the temperature you keep your home at anyway, meaning the 60s or warmer. Avoid putting them close to an air conditioner.


Provided you don’t keep your air conditioning or heater blasting all the time, which can dry air plants out, you can water them once a week for optimal health. If they are getting dried out, they’ll need more frequent watering. You can also mist them occasionally in-between watering if necessary, though it should replace regular watering. To water them, you’ll place them face down in your sink, a bowl or other container for about 10 to 20 minutes. Afterward, gently shake any excess water off the base of your plants – if they sit in water too long, it can rot or other damage that can kill the plants. Ideally, it’s best to water air plants in the morning and then leave them out of their usual container in a place where they’ll dry within about four hours.


Like most plants, your air plant will lose some leaves and grow new ones. You can trim off any dead or brown leaves with scissors. By trimming at an angle, the leaf will have a more natural, attractive appearance.

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